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Price Stability

Kingston Community Energy sets a fixed rate for your electricity supply so your costs won’t go up and down each month.

Renewable Energy

We purchase electricity generated from renewable sources, which reduces their carbon footprint and promotes a more sustainable energy system.

Community Control

We allow the community to have a greater say in where their energy comes from, promoting local control and decision-making.

Community Solar

Instead of installing a renewable energy project on your property, you subscribe to a solar farm in our area. It costs you nothing to join, you save money on electricity, and you support new solar energy projects. Enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the hassle.

Community Council

The KCE Community Council engages historically marginalized communities in the planning and execution of KCE’s programs. The Council is composed of community leaders and residents who provide valuable input and feedback to ensure that KCE’s programs are responsive to community needs and priorities.